How We Cut Their Cost-per-Lead in Half

Assisted Living

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This Case Study shows the strategy, tools, and results of building a Facebook marketing funnel to get more leads for an assisted living home in the Midwestern United States. 


The Cost-per-Lead was too high at the assisted living home. Competition was increasing in the area and driving costs up. 

They had recently remodeled part of their facility and wanted to fill more empty apartments with residents. 

Leads taking further action


The Problem

Empty rooms after remodel & addition


Cost Per Lead

How We Fixed It

Within 1 month, the client had over 40 high-quality leads at an average cost of <$40 per lead. AdWords lead costs were decreased by more than 25%. 

How we did it:

  • Identified Top Customer Profiles in the Area and their needs
  • Facebook Lead Forms + Conversion Ads
  • AdWords Extensions Overhaul
  • AdWords Ad Variations
  • Email Automation Sales Funnel

Download Your Free Case Study!

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